Mid-Autumn Mooncakes

Made only from premium ALL-NATURAL and DOGGY-FRIENDLY ingredients, the Barkery's mini-sized (approximately 50g) Mooncakes are back this year, with A BRAND-NEW RECIPE!

Please note that we'll only be able to fulfill orders from 12th September 2020 onward. 

Our Mooncakes must be PRE-ORDERED in advance! We will not be able to sell them off the shelf.

PLEASE KEEP REFRIGERATED! It may last up to 2 days in the fridge.

Absolutely NO shortening, butter, glutinous rice flour, icing sugar, artificial preservatives, additives, colouring, wheat, corn or soy used.

$26.80 for a set of 4 SnowSkin Mooncakes.


Snowskin Mooncakes (with Duck and Duck Liver OR Mackerel and Cheese) or a mix of 2 Flavours Each.

Ingredients: Russet Potato, Rice Flour, Extra-Virgin Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil, Honey, Greek Yogurt.



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