About Us

Who We Are and What We Do

The Barkery Singapore is a home-grown family business founded with the aim of making only the very best food for Man's Best Friend.That means we only use human-grade ingredients that have been ruthlessly screened to ensure that they are not just safe for your pets to eat, but nutritious and delicious too.


Since starting The Barkery in May 2011, every single product that your pet enjoys has passed our stringent standards for quality, aroma/taste and presentation. In fact, we are not kidding when we say your pooch is eating better than most people when savouring our food. Everything that passes through our kitchen is made with the health and happiness of our own dogs in mind. In other words, we wouldn't offer anything that we wouldn't wholeheartedly feed our own dogs first. Dogs have to eat what they are given, so we aim to give them only the very best :)  



Our food does not contain plain flour, sugar, sodium, cream, artificial preservatives, artificial colourings or artificial flavours. After years and years of cooking and baking for our own pets, we believe that ALL-NATURAL is the only way to go when it comes to their health, so everything we serve is derived from whole foods, and even our cake decorations and colors are derived naturally from veggies.


The best way to help your faithful companion enjoy a long and fulfilling life or reward them for providing you with unconditional love is through giving them a healthy and beneficial diet. They don't hold back on their love for you, so why not give them the best?


The Barkery is also an ardent supporter of Singapore's local animal shelters - for the joy that they bring us, we believe every dog deserves a chance at a good life and for their generous love to be returned.