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养™️ Yo Natural Shihu for Pets

养™️ Yo Natural Shihu for Pets

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30 Vege Capsules per Bottle 200mg of Shihu per Capsule

养™️ Natural Shihu are carefully selected and only the high potency grades of Natural Shihu are used for formulation and production. This zero additive product is tested, encapsulated and sealed under stringent quality control in Singapore.


Enhances Vision & Strengthens Eyesight

Supports Gastrointestinal Functions

Promotes Detoxification


Major Active Ingredient: Shihu Polysaccharide≥ 200mg/100g

Other Active Ingredients: Vitamin B <1mg/1kg

Recommended Dosage:

Cat/Small animals

1 capsule daily


<4 kg : 1 capsule daily

4–10 kg : 2 capsules daily

>10 kg : 3 capsules daily

For easy feeding, open the capsule and mix the product with food. Store in a cool, dry place.

Caution: If your pet is on medication, please consult your veterinarian before taking.

养™️ Yo Natural Shihu for Pets has Zero Additives and is a Product of Singapore.

This herb comes from the stem of the Dendrobium nobile Lindl. It is considered a rare and precious herb in TCM that grows atop the perpendicular cliff walls. This herb is particularly good for Yin deficiency and heatiness.

It acts as a moisture in the body with its slightly cooling nature, hence nourishing Yin in Kidneys and stomach. It is great for the eyes and skin.

Benefits: It enriches Yin, generates fluids in the body, and reduces heatiness. The main target organs are the Kidneys, Liver, Stomach, Lungs. It greatly improves condition of dry and tired eyes. The moisturising effect improves dry skin conditions.
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