Number Cake

Looking for a cake to commemorate that super-special Barkday? Look no further than our lovely Number Cakes!

Please do note that we require at least a week's notice for Novelty Cake orders. Orders made with shorter notice may not be accepted.

The cake is frosted with fresh veggies, so please do keep it chilled if you are not going to serve it right away.

The shapes, patterns and colors of the cake may vary slightly; if you have a specific preference for designs or colors, please do state them in the Comments Box before checkout.

Please  note that the rainbow frosting is depicted in OSCAR BOO BOO’s cake! The cost for rainbow is $10 more.

Feeds 6-10 dogs.

The cake may be served chilled, but you can also heat up the cake to get the best aroma possible! You can also make the cake easier and more tempting to eat by mashing it up :)

Ingredients: minced human-grade meat, wholemeal flour, oats, celery, pumpkin egg, molasses.

Vegetarian version: wholemeal flour, oats, molasses, eggs, celery, sesame and potato

Please note that our vegetable frosting options are all potato-based (we mix in beetroot, pumpkin or purple sweet potato to get the requested color), but we also offer a pure sweet potato base that is orange in color.

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