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The Barkery Singapore

Classic Christmas Log Cake

Classic Christmas Log Cake

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Made with the Barkery's signature meatloaf and frosted with veggies! All-natural Christmas JOY!

Approx 500g in weight for the small version, 1.2kg in weight for the large.


Please note the cake needs TO BE KEPT REFRIGERATED. It should be served on the day of collection/delivery for the best experience possible. The cakes may last up to 2-3 days in the fridge. 

If you'd like you can warm them up in a microwave or convection oven before serving. Please do not leave it at room temperature for a prolonged period of time.

Meat Loaf Ingredients: Premium Minced-Meat, Whole-meal flour,  Rolled oatsEggs, Celery, Pumpkin, Olive Oil.

For the fish base, we use sardines and flounder.

Vegetarian version: sweet potato, pumpkin, wholemeal flour, oats, eggs, celery, sesame and potato

Frosting: Potato, Sweet Potato, Beetroot, Carob, Desiccated Coconut.

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