New Shipping Option!

Hello folks! We're pleased to introduce a new option for fulfilment: SHIPPING!

This option is applicable only to our treats and selected supplements only for the time being. We hope to expand the items eligible in the future. 

Please note that we'll be UNABLE to ship items such as cakes and other temperature-sensitive products.


Here's some FAQ regarding this new feature!

Q: What is the difference between Shipping and Delivery?
A: For Delivery, we're part of the process from packing to doorstep delivery! So if you have any specific requests regarding date/time of delivery, we'd recommend choosing Local Delivery as we'll have more control over the process.

For Shipping, we're handing the parcels off to the great folks at NinjaVan for the final step of delivery, so we'd be unable to accommodate requests regarding specific dates/timing of delivery.


Q: Is there a minimum order for free shipping?
A: Yes! Orders $50.00 and above qualify for free shipping. Orders below that amount will be subject to a $5.00 shipping fee.


Q: I've placed my order! When can I expect it?
A: We will be dropping of the parcels with NinjaVan on the next working day, so barring any issues you should receive them in 2-4 working days!


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