Extended Circuit Breaker Measures

Alright, this Circuit Breaker is going to be harder than we thought! But together, we will get through it!

1) Our physical store is CLOSED for all self-collection and walk-in customers. We'll miss you, so please remember us when this pandemic is over!

2) Our online shop and delivery services will still be operational, so please don't fret, you can still get all your pet essentials no problem, just that it will have to be delivered from now on 

3) We have lowered the minimum order for delivery to $50 (it was previously $60), so it will be easier for you lovely people to qualify for free delivery.

4) For all confirmed orders for pick up, we are very sorry but we will need to convert them to delivery. We are not able to offer free delivery for all of those orders (the orders above $50 automatically qualify), but we will be contacting each and everyone of you to see if you'd like to top up your order or if you won't mind paying a reduced delivery fee.

Thank you very much everyone for your kind support and understanding! This won't be easy for anyone, but together we will GET THROUGH THIS IN ONE PIECE!

Stay home, and stay UNITED SG!


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