The Barkery Blog Begins!

Hello everyone!

As The Barkery Singapore continues to grow, slowly but surely, we thought it would be great if we could set up a blog where we could communicate in a more in-depth manner with our fans and customers. This whole business is a labor of love for us, and we’d love to share our significant moments and stories with the very people that make our existence possible: our much-appreciated supporters.

On this blog, we’ll be sharing anything ranging from nutritional information to stories about our events and the people and dogs who make up the Barkery. We’d also be glad to share your stories, so if you have a picture of your pets with a Barkery treat, please send it over to along with a few words us and we’ll put it up!

So anyway, I thought it would be good to begin our blog with the Barkery’s origins, so for those of you who haven’t heard about how the Barkery Singapore got started, read on…

Our head baker, Margaret, had been feeding her pack of 3 Cocker Spaniels home-cooked meals and and snacks for years before the Barkery began in order to counteract their various skin problems. Her recipes were all based on the information she received from her vet and her own research into canine nutrition. She regularly gave out her baked goods relatives and friends, who all responded with rave reviews on her all-natural and healthy biscuits and treats.

However, it was not until Elizabeth, Margaret’s older sister, got Toby (our Golden Retriever and chief taste-tester) that everything started to fall into place. As a puppy, Toby was both extremely picky and extremely sensitive.The runt of his litter, his health was not great to begin with, and when we first gave him commercial kibble and snacks, he would either reject them outright or puke out whatever he managed to eat.

Margaret kindly offered us some of her treats, and not only did the picky puppy GOBBLE everything up, he digested everything fine and didn’t throw up of suffer from soft stools after. For his first birthday, Margaret made him a meat-loaf cake that he wolfed down with relish. We realized that here was something that pets require; a delicious yet nutritious diet that could only come from whole foods and all-natural human grade ingredients.


The first ever birthday cake from the Barkery before we were officially The Barkery Singapore!


We recommended a cake to a friend who was organizing her own dog’s birthday party, and everything flowed from there. We started an online store just to see if anyone in Singapore would be interested in all-natural home-made dog food, and a year full of hard work and awesome support later, we became a real brick-and-mortar doggie bakery licensed by AVA!

Through it all, our ideals and mission stayed the same: We believe in providing wholesome and all-natural food that dogs will love. This means that all our products have to pass our dogs’ high standards for nutrition and deliciousness before we introduce it to our customers. We take your dog’s food very seriously because we believe that a dog’s diet is crucial to a healthy and happy canine life, so that means we DON’T USE sugar, salt, or any artificial preservatives or additives. All ingredients are ruthlessly screened to make sure that they are not only non-toxic for dogs, but also nutritious for them. We bake and cook with love, and ultimately it is our sincere desire to see your dogs enjoy and benefit from our treats and feasts :)

Only the very best for Man’s Best Friend will be served at the Barkery Singapore.

Thank you for reading!

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