Pet Cubes Gently Cooked Complete - Crocodile

Known to be one of the most effective protein type for dogs with allergy problems, this novel protein will be an exceptional tool against skin problems. However good it is, this is considered a "heaty meat", so a balance with other novel proteins will be ideal.

This diet is complete and balanced for dog of all life stages. Using only human grade cuts, you are assured that your dog is not consuming 'Pet Meat'.

Crocodile diet is also suitable for dogs with Dermatitis ,Pancreatitis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Multiple Food Allergies.

Ingredients Crocodile Meat, Crocodile Offal & Bones, Tapioca, Organic Squash, Extra Virgin Flaxseed Oil, Blueberry, Cranberry, Free Range Eggshells, Vitamins & Supplements.
Nutrition Facts Typical Analysis:


Fat(min): 6%




1.3 : 1

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