Barkday Cake

Our Barkday Cakes are  MEATLOAVES filled human-grade ingredients such as minced meat, pumpkin, celery and oats, making our awesome Barkday Cakes both NUTRITIOUS and DELICIOUS :)

The cake may be served chilled, but we'd recommend warming up the cake to get the best aroma possible! If your dog tends to gobble up their food, we'd recommend mashing the cake into smaller bits before feeding.

Plastic knife and candles provided upon request.

Please do note that we require 1-2 days notice for Barkday Cake orders. If you are hoping to make an order for same-day collection, please do call or text us beforehand!

Please note that for the small-sized cakes, there is limited space on the top for wordings, so your dog's name will be piped on a bone biscuit and accompanied by a "HAPPY BARKDAY" pick.

For the medium-sized cakes, we'll be able to fit in additional words so a bone biscuit will not be used for the name, but just as decoration (provided there is enough space after we fit in all the requested wordings). 

For our fish meat-loaves we use Sardines and Flounder.

Please note that our vegetable frosting options are all potato-based (we mix in beetroot, turmeric or purple sweet potato to get the requested color), but we also offer a pure sweet potato base that is orange in color.

Please do note that for ORANGE (Pure Sweet Potato) & GREEN (Potato with Spirulina) frosting there is an additional charge of $3.00. And for the BLUE (Potato with Blue Pea) frosting there is an additional charge of $7.00.

We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that the cake be served on the same day it is collected/delivered. The cake may be kept for 2-3 days in the fridge, but please note that depending on how cold and dry the fridge compartment might be, the veggie frosting may dry up, causing some cracks in the frosting to appear.

If you are keeping the cake overnight, we'd recommend opting for the PURE SWEET POTATO (Orange) option for the frosting, as it doesn't dry up as much as the other potato-based options. It would also help if sliced veggies or moist bread were put in with the cake to keep the inside moist.


Meat Loaf Ingredients: Premium Minced-Meat, Whole-meal flour,  Rolled oats, Eggs,  Celery, Pumpkin, Molasses.

For the fish base, we use sardines and flounder.

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