Snack Attack Toys

Every day is cheat day when you have P.L.A.Y.'s Snack Attack toy collection! All your guilty pleasures now in one set. Start with our mouthwatering Puppy-roni Pizza. Savour the Fluffles Chips. Then wash all that deliciousness down with a refreshing Good Boy Cola. Give that sugar rush a boost with licks of the Swirls and Slobbers Soft Serve or Lollipup. Then repeat!



Not your ordinary Lollipup. Comes with curve squeaker and a hidden rope, which means a satisfying and exciting squeak every time you take a bite on it. Hidden rope also promises a good tug if your friend tries to share the Lollipup with you.

Swirls and Slobbers Soft Serve

Made with the all-time favourite giggle stick! Together with crinkly cone, Swirls and Slobbers Soft Serve will sure to catch some serious attention and action!

Good Boy Cola

When your other name is Good Boi and this Cola just took it away. Cola can has a crinkly body. And when you open it right after taking a bite on it, it sends a slew of crinkly cola with a tenacious squeaker. For more tugging, flinging, squeaking fun!

Pupperoni Pizza

Fancy toppings on this pizza slice? Nah... Just squeakers and crinkly to indulge in this snack. If your friends want to share... hidden rope for a good tug before they have a slice of your pizza!

Fluffles Chips

Who can resist a bag of chips? Not us! The crinkly sound of the bag entices the most strong-willed. Open the bag and you get a string of squeaky, crinkly, crinkle cut chips on a bungee strap! No salt but lots of noisy, attention-seeking fun!

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