Pup Cup Cafe

Cafe hopping with your buddy. Introducing the Pup Cup Cafe toy collection, a full set of caffeine- and sweets-themed for the energy-filled pup!

Cookies & Treats

Classic, all time favourite chocolate chip cookies. Grab some, 3 to be exact, plush and squeaky, connected by a rope for a rambunctious tug-of-war. Hear that satisfying and exciting squeak every time your doggo takes a bite on it.


Doggo's Java

The one everyone is addicted to. The go-to beverage every morning. Squeaky and crinkly. Remove the lid for more serious action and fun! Hide small treats inside for a good game of Find n' Seek. Pair it with the Doughboy Donut.


Doughboy Donut

Who can resist a doughnut! For that instant gratification of sweetness, get the fun sprinkled donut in a crinkly packaging. Remove donut from the packaging, play tug or fetch!, squeak and repeat! For added surprise, hide treats inside packaging.



When you are classy like the French folks, savour some fancy mutt-a-rons. Pretty in colour and shape, pastel pink, yellow and green. What's best, they are squeaky and crinkly for that delectable experience. Packaged in a fancy crinkly box, Find n' seek the Mutt-a-rons. Put them in, pull them out, repeat! Add treats for some serious gourmet adventure!



A cross between the cinnamon roll and bone, let us introduce the new Cinna-bone in our Pup Cup Cafe. Unravel the Cinna-bone and savour the different plush textures. Sink your teeth in it and experience crinkly and the extra loud squeaker. As delectable as the warm and flakey cinnamon roll original from Sweden, the Cinna-bone is worth hours of extra loud squeaking and fetch!

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