Blooming Buddies Toys

Aloe Aloe! Calling all green paws. Finally a garden that thrives and provide bountiful fun all year round! A day in the leaf of your furry gardeners will include tending to their prickly cactus, bright sunflower, magical mushroom and aloe vera plant, with the help of the handy dandy watering can! Not yet green paws? By the end of the playtime, your furry one will sure to develop  green paw!

Prickly Pup Cactus

You know prickly cactus. But have you heard of the squeaky and crinkly cactus? Does not prick so if you feel like pulling its arms a little, you will find hidden ropes inside for easy tugging!

Sassy Sunflower

When your mama calls you her little sunshine... A essential addition to your garden, this Sassy Sunflower. Comes with a tenacious squeaker and crinkles to bring even more cheers. When your friend wants to share this sunflower, tug with the hidden rope.

Mutt's Mushroom

Magical mushroom? Mutt's Mushroom is an interactive toy with detachable parts! Curved squeaker and crinkly on the mushroom hat, plus a crunchy bottle in the stem, the Mutt's Mushroom will sure entertain for hours!

A-love You Plant

Express your love with the aloe plant because it says Aloe-ve you! And you will hear a happy giggle with it. With the crinkly leaves, the Aloe vera plant makes a lovely addition to your green garden!

Wagging Watering Can

What's a garden without a watering can? Enlarged squeakers, crinklies and handles to play tug with, the Wagging Watering Can will make your garden come to live!

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