Relax without drowsiness
Maxxicalm calming tablets for dogs gently relaxes dogs, without the unwanted side effects often caused by a prescription medication.

With prescription calming medication, dogs may become so drowsy that they fall asleep or worse, become ill.

This temporary fix can unfortunately make it harder to create a long-term solution that actually corrects underlying issues.

With maxxicalm, your dog is relaxed but still alert, creating the perfect opportunity for positive associations with previously stressful situations.

Maxxicalm contains only natural calm supplement ingredients that are highly palatable. Our specific formulation has been shown to support balanced behavior and maintain calmness in dogs.

All the calm supplement ingredients are of human grade quality and naturally promote a positive mood and reduce stress and tension in our beloved dogs without drowsiness.

Ingredients (per 1 tablet):

Taurine 240mg, Inositol 240mg, Chamomile 15mg, Passion Flower 15mg, L-Theanine 15mg, Thiamine (Vitamin B1) 6mg, Magnesium (Citrate) 4mg


Active Ingredients Per 1 Tablet Potential Benefits
Taurine - Supports the neurological development and has calming and stabilizing effect on the brain

Inositol - Inositol has calming effects as it is involved in the production and action of neurotransmitters

Chamomile - Chamomile has mild sedative effects and can help relieve anxiety in dogs

Passion Flower - Relieves muscle tension and pain caused by emotional turmoil and can help relieve conditions related to hyperactivity and restlessness

L-Theanine - Aids in the regulation of nerve impulses in the brain and is effective in calming and focusing the brain

Thiamine - Works in the central nervous system to calm and soothe anxious animals

Magnesium (Citrate) - Lowers muscle tension and helps maintain healthy nerve function, as well as involved in more than 300 chemical reactions in the body