Henry Hottie Water-Repellent Bed with Sides

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Not all Pet Beds are created equal.

WORLD’S FIRST Non Toxic, Water Repellent Pet Bed by Henry Hottie.

The German manufacturer of this technology is responsible for a variety of cutting-edge applications used in textiles around the world, mainly in outdoor wear. What stands them apart is the environmental welfare and safety that governs their technology. They discovered that traditional water repellent and waterproof fabrics are responsible for the toxic release of fluoro-organic compounds into the environment.

These polymers are impacting waterways, soil, humans and animals. Most water repellents to date are based on paraffin or formaldehyde-containing melamine. The Bionic Finish Eco®️ technology is devoid of these polymers and toxic chemicals, yet offers as strong a water repellency as any other.

Some of the benefits of the Bionic Finish Eco®️:
•Water repellent
•Soil repellent
•Keeps fabric and colour looking new longer
•Allows fabrics to dry rapidly
•Resistant to wear from washing - tumble drying or ironing will reseal and reactivate the Bionic Finish Eco application
•Weather proof

The patented fibres in a Henry Hottie bed are thermally-bonded. When the animal rests on the bed their body heat activates the thermal bonding which then traps the developing warmth in the bed.

Where the joints press into the bed the most is where the greatest concentration of warmth is. This protective warmth around the joints prevents stiffness, which in turn relieves and in some cases prevents joint pain.

The densely layered thermally-bonded fibres prevent the animal from sinking to the floor. Ordinarily soft, sparse bedding causes the muscles and joints to overcompensate in order to restore balance to the body. However with a Henry Hottie bed, they will experience all over support.

S: Mattress 70cm x 50cm x 10cm, Sides 80cm x 13cm x 10cm

M: Mattress 80cm x 60cm x 10cm, Sides 90cm x 13cm x 10cm

L: Mattress 90cm x 80cm x 10cm, Sides 100cm x 13cm x 10cm

XL: Mattress 110cm x 90cm x 10cm, Sides 120cm x 13cm x 10cm


  • Mattress is removable
  • Sides and cover are machine washable
  • Cover is best dried in a dryer to preserve the water repellent application
  • Outer cover and inner cover are both water repellent

    Please do note that we only have a limited quantity of stock available at our store. If we do not have the size/color that you have selected we'll inform you and place an order for you with the supplier, and deliver once stock has come in.

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