For The Shelters: LactoGold Pet Probiotics

Made exclusively in Singapore and available now to the shelters at a super discounted rate, just in time for Christmas :)

LactoGold Probiotics help greatly in the maintenance of general and digestive health; the powder can be used to boost their immune systems and increase nutrient absorption, and the gels are great for outbreaks of diarrhea.

If you'd like to add a special dedication for the receiving shelter, please do put your message in the Comments Box before checkout and we'll put it on a gift tag.

If your whole order is to be delivered to the shelter, please feel free to choose Store Pickup or input 'NA' in the address field upon checkout, as we'll deliver directly to the respective shelters. Thank you!

Please note that we will deliver directly to the shelter from Christmas week onward; regardless of the date selected upon checkout (so you can put any date). Thank you!