Camp Corbin Toy Set

Inspired by P.L.A.Y.'s beloved office dog and head product tester, Corbin's love of the great outdoors, the Camp Corbin toy collection was born! Comprising of all his favourite camping essentials from tent with cozy sleeping bags and tasty carob s'more to enjoy by the campfire.

We join in honouring Corbin's legacy and making Camp Corbin a play time that never ends - bonus points if you use one of these camping dog toys as a pillow and sleep under the stars, Corbin -style.


Cozy Campire

Cozy up next to the Campfire. Tell a story. Howl along the dancing flames. Comes with custom squeaker at the flames and crinkle at the logs.


K9 Kayak

Row down the river. In the squeaky crinkly K9 kayak with detachable oar made from t-short rope. Check out the seat, hide treats inside!


Pack Leader Lantern

Follow the leader, the one with the best nose and the Pack Leader Lantern! Features crinkle, squeaky and t-shirt rope for tugs. Carry the lantern for great photo ops!


Gimme S'more!

S'more is a traditional campfire snack of chocolate bar, marshmallow sandwiched between graham crackers. Now, gimme s(ome)'more of this sweet snack! Comes with custom squeaker, crinkle and detachable layers!


Trailblazer Tent

What's camping without a tent! Glam it up with cushy sleeping bags. We love this interactive, Find-n-seek, multi-part tent. Hide treats in the sleeping bags or tent. Exercise those noses. Squeaky, crinkly for a Trailblazing time!

Other toy features:

* Hand-crafted, double layer and double-stitched edges for extra durability

* Eco-friendly PlantFill (R) filler made from 100% post-consumer certified-safe recycled plastic bottles

* Contains AZO-free dye

* Machine washable and dryer friendly

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