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Thank u for e wonderful doggie treats my dogs love them! They ate up the cake within minutes! Hehe:)
I would like to order cheese sticks again, they absolutely adore them.

- Eunice Fang


As a host of our event, we were extremely happy when we received some very positive feedbacks from our guests.

All our guests not only thanks us for the invitations but specially for the wonderful cakes & Bakerons, the lovely packing too. Those furkids simply gobbled down the pieces of cake in seconds! When told about the ingredients, no meat all veggie, the owners refused to believe because many of their furkids had never liked vegetables.

Kudos to Liz and the Barkery Team! Totally appreciated your effort and accomodating to our request with such a amazing recipe. Great service right from the beginning to the actual delivery. A perfect experience!

A Big Thank You from Yappily Pets.

- Yappily Pets Salon


Teegan turns 12 & The Barkery made it very special for our birthday boy. The 7 inch round cake looks yummy with his name on it. The design is simple yet tasteful. It must have tasted as great as it looks, Teegan simply loves it finishing half of it in minutes! The service is great, too, met Margaret the head baker for the first time. She is both gracious & sweet. Definitely more orders for my babies to come!

- Mandy


Great idea for christmas presents for your doggy's best buddies!! I ordered 5 packs for zackt and his best friends and all of them loves it. The beef pie smells really yummy, and zackt finished it in secs.

- Kelly & Zack

Just want to say thank you for the lovely cake. We had a wonderful time with the pack here, especially with the birthday doggies!
Right from the moment you delivered the cake, the doggies knew straightaway that it was something special. We really had to calm the 2 down for photos. I can see that no details were spared in the making of the cake, and also in the packaging so it was indeed a great way to share our love for the 2 doggies who just turned 2.

- Andy


We celebrated Poppy's 6th birthday today.

This is the first time she tried a meatloaf cake and she simply loves it to the max! It is evident that the cake looks as good as it taste when I realised Poppy wolfed down the doggie bones and cake while I was not looking. I could tell that The Barkery uses very fresh ingredients as the cake smells yummy even to me :) I will definitely order the pupcakes and doggie biscuits for Poppy and her friends this coming Christmas!

- Claudine and Poppy


Basically, I want to say a big thank you to you guys at The Barkery for making a super delicious cake for Yogi. I love the packaging! We were very fascinated by the cute and simple tiny cake. It smells really good! Yogi was very curious and couldn't keep still. He gobbled up the first piece within seconds after we placed it in his bowl. Yogi normally does not like biscuits, but the bone and fish shaped biscuits were irresistible. He was snatching away from us! This was the first time we celebrated his birthday with a cake, and it definitely won't be the last. It will always be Barkery. Thanks! =)

- Sarah and Yogi


My slave, Evelyn, ordered 15 pupcakes for my birthday and they were very popular among my canine friends. We woofed down the cakes in no time. Two humans, whom I shall not name, could not believe how tasty they were and took a mouthful ot two. The poor human beings ended up being envious of the good quality pupcakes that we dogs got to enjoy.
Verdict: 5 paws and 5 thumbs up!

- Hammer


Hammer loves his birthday cake. The moment the box was opened, we could hear the ahhhs and wahhhs from adults and kids alike. Of course the dogs salivated upon seeing and smelling the cake as well. The heaven-sent delight in the shape of a bone was shared among 17 dogs and from the response, they all loved it. Not a single dog had tummy upset from all the feasting, an honor that is quite difficult to achieve. Thank you for making Hammer's party so memorable.

- Evelyn


My boys, Bubu & Coby, had their first taste of the meatloaf birthday cake freshly baked by The Barkery at a friend's birthday party by the beach. It was love at first sight, and obsession at first taste! The cake was gone in 20 seconds! I knew Coby got to have his very own Barkery's birthday cake the week after. And so he did! As Coby was enjoying his moment with the yummylicious cake in front of him, Bubu sneaked up to the cake, and got "scolded" by our birthday boy (he snarled at him). It was a hilarious moment for us, humans, but that's "canine politics", fighting over an irresistable treat! Since then, they had the cake again at another birthday party. The Barkery has never failed to deliver a lovely meal for my boys who give *paws up!* We support commendable home-based businesses, we support The Barkery Singapore!

- Michelle, Bubu & Coby.


Thank you guys for the wonderful cake. I'm amazed how The barkery uses natural,meat-based fillings & mashed potatoes toppings on the cake & yet the cake can be so beautifully decorated & delicious.All the furkids just ate up every single bit.I also asked for a crown-shaped design on the cake if possible as my furkid is named Prince & The Barkery actually fulfill my request.Really appreciated!Will definitely be back for more!

- Christine and Prince


I ordered a 5-inch fish-filled birthday cake for my Shih Tzu Starkey's birthday. Although it was a public holiday, Elizabeth and Ann offered to delivered it straight to my apartment (I really appreciated that as I wound up having a really crazy morning running errands and walking the dogs!). When I opened the cake box, I was blown away by the simplicity of the design. It has a lovely bone-shaped biscuit on top of a round cake. Starkey was curious too and couldn't stop sniffing at it! He actually licked his bowl clean (he's really fussy so that says a lot!). The best bit was how The Barkery offers fish filling instead of the usual lamb, chicken and mutton options. Starkey has been on a fish-based diet because of skin-related allergies (to chicken especially). So we've been looking for all natural, fish-based baked treats. Glad to have found The Barkery!

- Jaclyn and Starkey


Thank you for making our day at the dog party.  The pupcakes, meat loves and biscuits were doggilicious.  Can't wait for our Humans to order them again.

- Anya and Bagel Karlsson


I am very impressed with the Big Bone that really had given my dogs so much joy and pleasure.
It was a joy to see them enjoying the meat loaf to the very last grain. They licked the plates till the plates rolled somewhere and we couldn't find them. I would recommend it to anyone who know the importance of having the right nutritional balance in the food diet. It is packed with all goodness from all-natural food and you wont believe this, we had a go at it and the taste was good despite the absence of salt. Anyone can tell that much effort had gone into the making of such good food.
Try it and you will know what I mean. The price is affordable and we even can have so much left for the next day's feeding for some 16 dogs.

- May Ling


Scotty, my sheltie, has IBD. I have bought many types of doggy biscuits but the preservatives in them always cause him discomfort. However, this doesn't happen with the "Something Fishy" biscuits. I'm so glad that now I can reward Scotty with a treat that doesn't upset his tummy. Best of all - Scotty loves them!

- Tanya