Pupcake Cake

Pamper your pooch with a gorgeous Pupcake Cake! Made from all-natural ingredients, our meatloaf cakes are topped with fresh vegetable frosting.

For our fish meat-loaves we use Sardines and Dory fish fillets.

Please note that our vegetable frosting options are all potato-based (we mix in beetroot, pumpkin or purple sweet potato to get the requested color), but we also offer a pure sweet potato base that is orange in color.

 Please do note that we require at least a week's notice for Novelty Cake orders. Orders made with shorter notice may not be accepted.

Meat Loaf Ingredients:  Meat (ground beef, chicken, fish or mutton) Whole-meal flour,  Rolled oats, Molasses,  Eggs,  Celery,  Carrots, Pumpkin.

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