Pupcake Cake

Pamper your pooch with a gorgeous Pupcake Cake! Made from all-natural ingredients, our meatloaf cakes are topped with fresh vegetable frosting.

For our fish meat-loaves we use Sardines and Dory fish fillets.

Please note that our vegetable frosting options are all potato-based (we mix in beetroot, pumpkin or purple sweet potato to get the requested color), but we also offer a pure sweet potato base that is orange in color.

MUST BE KEPT REFRIGERATED as it contains no preservatives. If you'd like you can warm it up in the oven or microwave before serving.

Please do note that we require at least a week's notice for Novelty Cake orders. Orders made with shorter notice may not be accepted.

Meat Loaf Ingredients:  Meat (ground beef, chicken, fish or mutton) Whole-meal flour,  Rolled oats, Molasses,  Eggs,  Celery,  Carrots, Pumpkin.

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