Caho Nucleotides

CAHO Nucleotide is a natural yeast formulation designed by veterinarians to provide your dog with the purified sources of dietary nucleotides that support the natural cell regeneration processes involved with the body's natural immune response. Rich in multi-biotics which are the beneficial nutrients for development and integrity of intestinal tissues which also enhances digestibility.



Sprinkle over feed, once a day. It is high in palatability which increases food intake for growth and vitality.

1 sachet for dog below 20kg

2 sachets for dog over 20kg




    • Supports and accelerates cell division, cell regeneration and cell repair.
    • Improves digestion and nutrients absorption.
    • Designed to support your dog's defences and improve overall vitality especially during high physiological stress.
    • High in palatability which increases food intake for vitality.


      • Breed Size: All Breeds 
      • Life Stage: All Stages 
      • Size: 60g (30 individually packed sachets of 2g powder)
      • Made In: Finland

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