For The Shelters: Sunrise Natural Foods

Celebrate Christmas by purchasing items from SUNRISE NATURAL to be delivered to the shelters at an exclusively MASSIVELY discounted rate!

AdorePet Shampoo is a great shampoo for dogs suffering from bacterial, fungal or yeast infections.

AdorePet Eardrops are great for dogs suffering from ear infection.

AdorePet MouthSpray is good for dogs suffering from ulcers or decaying teeth.

Sunrise Coconut Oil is great for dogs with skin issues, also as a general moisturizer and anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent.


Discounts are applicable ONLY to shelter orders.

Deliveries to the shelters will be done in batches, according to the shelters' request and/or the sequence in which we receive the orders.

We will be sending the items in individual boxes according to the person who orders them; if you'd like a personal dedication to the shelters to be attached to the boxes, please put it in the Comments Box before checkout.


If your whole order is to be delivered to the shelter, please feel free to choose Store Pickup or input 'NA' in the address field upon checkout, as we'll deliver directly to the respective shelters. Thank you!

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